New Book Publication – Water: A Critical Review

Water: A Critical Introduction is a newly published book by Dr. Katie Meehan, Dr. Naho Mirumachi, Dr. Alex Loftus, and Dr. Majed Akhter. The team presented the book at the most recent AAG conference in Denver. Touching on topics surrounding the hydrosocial cycle, it is a must-read for those doing research within the water sphere! A short description can be found below:

“In Water: A Critical Introduction, a team of distinguished researchers delivers an expert examination of our most pressing water-related challenges, arguing that flows of water are shaped by social practices and geometries of power. Combining first-hand research and headline case studies, the authors reveal the hydrosocial relations often hidden in mainstream accounts of water, delving into current issues like water scarcity, floods, global water governance, legal conflicts, human rights, potable water provision, health, the water-food-energy nexus, and much more.”

For more information, visit the link here.

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