The HWISE Consortium is a network of scholars, students, and practitioners who are engaged in activities that related to water insecurity challenges at the household and community scales. The strength of the HWISE RCN lies in its multidisciplinary approach and the partnerships developed around the world.  Our objectives are to promote cutting edge research about the experiences and assessment of HWISE, and to create a network that supports scientific discovery and professional development. We intend for the impact of this work to be increased awareness of the importance of household-level water security in programs, research, and policy. In all grants, publications, posters, presentations, and meetings we hope to nurture this spirit of collaboration.

HWISE Associates and students are integral to building a community of practice.  We hope that operating within a community of practice opens access to information, advice, and collaborative problem-solving that increases participants’ ability to identify new research and training opportunities that help advance the pursuit of global water security.

The HWISE RCN is guided by an Executive Committee and Steering Committee.  Our work is also supported by an RCN staff. The Executive Committee recruits a Steering Committee, composed of approximately fourteen additional members (the Executive Committee will serve as ex officio members of the Steering Committee). We strive for diverse representation on the Steering Committee by recruiting individuals across academic disciplines, geographic locations, personal backgrounds and identities, and career stages. This diversity will support the mission and ongoing initiatives of the HWISE project by promoting a holistic narrative surrounding water insecurity, and serving as a consultative body for RCN activities. The Steering Committee will be posted on the HWISE RCN web site, and membership will be revisited every three years.