Global Water Security Programme

The International Water Security Network is funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a charitable foundation helping to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research.

Water security is an ever more important global issue, of relevance and importance to individuals, businesses, governments and organisations.

The International Water Security Network brings together the University of the West of England, Monash South Africa and the University of Arizona to investigate issues around water security. Under the cross cutting themes of ‘risks & vulnerabilities’ and ‘innovation & adaptive capacity’ the project will investigate:

  1. Towards Urban Water Security (UWE, Bristol)
  2. Transboundary Water Security (University of Arizona)
  3. Improving Water Quality Security (Monash South Africa)
Filmed and edited by Thomas O’Neill, and narrated and co-produced by Sam Holton, this short film investigates water security issues affecting Kisoro, Uganda.