HWISE Data Repository

Many consortium members have been involved in harmonized survey data collection efforts, referred to here as “HWISE data”. These data have been collected in 29 sites from 2018-2019. In some sites, data collection consisted only of the HWISE survey.  Elsewhere, the HWISE survey was a very small part of a larger study, as seen in the map below (map courtesy of the HWISE Scale project).  In most sites, the stated purpose was to create a cross-culturally valid scale to measure household water insecurity, but these data can be used for many other endeavors.

If the PIs of the HWISE data sites approve, these data can be requested to be used by anyone in the HWISE network (Figure 1).  Those who would like to use data from sites at which they are not the PI are required to follow the project proposal and co-authorship procedures outlined here (HWISE Guidelines & Principles).

Funded Grants

Research Collaboration Network “RCN: Building a Community of Practice for Household Water Insecurity (HWISE) Research,” National Science Foundation, Geography and Spatial Sciences, PI Wendy Jepson with Co-PIs Justin Stoler (University of Miami), Amber Wutich (Arizona State University), and Sera Young (Northwestern University) (2018-2023, $499,036)

Innovative Metrics in Nutrition and Agriculture (IMANNA). “A novel tool for the assessment of household-level water insecurity: scale refinement, validation, and manual development”   Sera Young (PI), Phelgona Otieno (co-I) & Amber Wutich (co-I) (2016-2018) ($359,625). This project is funded by Competitive Research Grants to Develop Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA Grants). IMMANA is funded with UK aid from the UK government.