The RCN offers several high-profile venues and supports member research-related initiatives as well as provides mechanisms to translate HWISE discoveries to NSF research priority efforts. We leverage our individual resources in addition to the RCN support to propel the recognition of HWISE as a hub of quality research in the water security community at high-level conferences, collectively and individually.

Consortium members have been involved in a global harmonized survey data collection effort, referred to here as “HWISE data”. These data have been collected in 29 sites from 2017-2019, listed in the Site Implementation sheet. Any investigator who would like to use data funded and/or collected by other Site PIs is required to follow the co-authorship procedures and submit a Project Proposal outlined below.

Several ongoing projects use the multi-site HWISE data set in different ways. Please reach out to the project lead(s) below for more information or to inquire about collaborating.

If you would like to apply to use HWISE-RCN Data from any of the sites listed in the Site Implementation sheet, please fill out the project proposal form and send to

HWISE Project Proposal Flow Chart, from Core Principles document.