Working Groups

Steering committee members are organized in four working groups led by a member of the Executive committee.

Data Infrastructure and Methods (Chair, Stoler)

The committee will (1) develop protocols and plans to facilitate use of existing HWISE data, (2) consider new and efficient options for developing a photo archive or other online strategies for researchers who have employed photovoice research methods, and (3) develop a platform to support geospatial analysis within the HWISE community. The committee would be charged with developing a data and data infrastructure plan, review and propose modifications, if necessary, to the data-use protocols, consider collaborations with other networks and organizations (domestic and international), and outline a set of annual deliverables.

Education (Chair, Wutich)

An education working group will lead the effort to develop open-sourced educational material for secondary and post-secondary education.  Several possible deliverables should be considered: (1) syllabi repository; (2) modules for the Open Coursework (OCW) platforms and the multi-institutional Open Textbook Project, and explore how HWISE could contribute to other educational OCW communities (e.g., the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education); (3) Webinar series to be delivered live and accessible on the HWISE YouTube Channel.  The committee would be charged with developing an education plan, consider collaborations with other networks and organizations (domestic and international), and outline a set of annual deliverables.

Policy and Outreach (Chair, Young)

This committee will develop strategies to meaningful engage policy makers and policy scholars; guide the development and disseminate policy briefs within the HWISE community (to be publicly available on the RCN website, and ensure that data collected are policy relevant. This committee will develop pathways for HWISE members to translate current research to policy makers and learn policy needs of stakeholders and policy communities to better dialogue HWISE research. These activities will be outlined in a set of annual benchmarks and deliverables, such as policy white papers and other public engagement strategies.

Assessment and Grant Development Working Group (Chair, Jepson)

Several mechanisms for self-evaluation of progress towards network goals will be put in place, including a timeline for key waypoints beginning with monthly assessment meetings of the PI, co-PIs, and Steering Committee for the first six months of operation and then quarterly thereafter. The Steering Committee, led by Jepson as Chair of the Assessment Working Group, will develop a set of clear metrics to evaluate achievement of benchmarks and success for each network. This will be included in the reports and communications to the HWISE community. We will leverage various methods to track the activities, including pre- and post-workshop short surveys, participant reporting on HWISE activity, and tracking of publications. This committee will also develop grant schedule, consolidate and publicize grants with due dates.