HWISE Collaborator Accelerator Award (CAA)

Call for Proposals

Do you and a colleague have an idea, planned analysis, case study, syllabus, or other creative work product that could be accelerated toward completion if only you could intensively work together for a few days?

As one HWISE member mused, “If we could lock ourselves in a conference room for 2-3 days together, we could write a proposal (or other product) that could otherwise take weeks or months.” These are the kinds of “mini-retreats” that we aim to fund. The intent of the HWISE CAA is to bring small teams of researchers (2-3 members) together to accelerate new theoretical, methodological, analytical, outreach, and educational collaborations related to household water insecurity. The HWISE RCN expects to fund two rounds of Collaborative Accelerator Awards (2021, 2022).

Eligibility: Scholars, educators, and practitioners from all career stages are eligible, though preference will be given to teams containing at least one early career researcher. At least one applicant must be an affiliate of the HWISE RCN. Applicants may only appear on one CAA proposal per cycle.

Example Activities

  • Intensive paper-writing or grant-writing visit
  • Curate or analyze a data set for publication
  • Create public engagement materials
  • Design educational modules, such as multimedia or case studies, or an open syllabus
  • Curate a water justice and anti-racism platform

Funding: We will support dyads or triads of researchers with $1,000–2,000 toward travel or other scholarly/creative costs. Because this program is funded by NSF, teams must include at least one US-based researcher, and any in-person meetings must take place in the US. 

Application Submission Instructions – download the Application Instructions here

CAA 2021 Cycle

  • Announcement – 26 July 2021
  • Due Date – 15 September 2021
  • Award Notification – 7 October 2021
  • Duration: after 15 October 2021 with all activities completed by 1 June 2022

Submission Details: Please send an application with all the materials included within a single .pdf file to hwise.rcn@gmail.com.