May HWISE-RCN Scholar of the Month: Dr. Kristin B. Dobbin

Dr. Kristin Babson Dobbin (she/her) is an assistant professor of cooperative extension at the University of California Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management focused on water justice policy and planning in California. Her research employs mixed quantitative and qualitative methods and community-based research to better understand the role of governance and policy in creating and solving drinking water disparities. Kristin’s current projects relate to small water system consolidation, local representation and accountability in local water governance, drought/climate change vulnerabilities and challenges and policy gaps for addressing the needs of unregulated water users. In 2023 Kristin was appointed to a two-year term on California State Water Resources Control Board’s Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience (SAFER) statewide advisory committee.

Highlighted Work:

  • Dobbin, K. B., Fencl, A., Pierce, G., Beresford, M., Gonzalez, S. & Jepson, W. (2023) “Understanding perceived climate risks to household water supply and their implications for adaptation: Evidence from California”. Climatic Change.
  • Pieper, K., Pierce, G., Dobbin, K.B., Jones, N., Weiss, S., Moloney, K. (2022). “Impacts of regulated water service extension on water quality, perception, and affordability in Orleans, NY”. Environmental Science & Technology Letters.
  • Dobbin, K. B., Kuo, M., Lubell, M., Bostic, D., Mendoza, J., & Echeveste, E. (2022) “Drivers of (in)equity in Collaborative Environmental Governance”. Policy Studies Journal.
  • Dobbin, K. B.* & Fencl, A.* (2021). “Institutional Diversity and Safe Drinking Water provision in California.” Journal of Utilities Policy. 73, 1-12.
  • Dobbin, K. B. “Environmental justice organizing as commoning practice in groundwater reform: Linking movement and management in the quest for more just and sustainable rural futures.” (2021). Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 9:1, 1-19.

Complete list of articles:

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