2022 Workshop in Washington D.C.

The leadership committee meeting on Day 1 to discuss the core mission, values, and principles for the future of HWISE

In May 2022, more than 20 scholars traveled to the Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Policy in Washington D.C. for the first in-person HWISE conference since 2019. On the 23rd, all the leadership in the executive, steering, and advisory committees met to discuss the future of HWISE and revisited and redefined the core mission, values, and principles of HWISE in the years to come. The next three days, all of the leadership and some early career members of HWISE met to collaborate on ongoing working groups within the community and discuss current status in the research and future goals within. These working groups included:

  • MAD Water
  • Climate and Water
  • Water Sharing and Entitlements
  • Gender and Water Insecurity
  • Housing-Water Nexus

Thank you so much for all that were able to attend and participate at the workshop! We greatly appreciate all that you do, and can not wait to see how these projects continue to shape within HWISE in the future. Special thank you to all who posted their photos and tagged HWISE on Twitter!

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