HWISE at the Human Biology Association’s Annual Meeting in Cleveland

There were many HWISE-RCN members at the Human Biology Association’s Annual Meeting in Cleveland this year. The Human Biology Association is a “vibrant nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to supporting and disseminating innovative research and teaching on human biological variation in evolutionary, social, historical, and environmental context worldwide.”
Dr. Alexandra Brewis Slade is the president of the organization and serves as a steering committee member to the HWISE-RCN. Dr. Brewis Slade and Dr. Asher Rosinger, organizers of the meeting, presented a plenary session on, “Life and Death: Human Biology and Water.” The plenary was followed by a presentation from Dr. Amber Wutich, the Raymond Pearl Memorial Speaker, on “Water Insecurity: An Agenda for Research and Call to Action for Human Biology.”
Other presentations on water insecurity include presentations from Dr. Alexandra Brewis Slade and Dr. Cassandra Workman, “Burdened by both: coping and disease at the intersection of water and food insecurity,” and Dr. Ellis A. Adams and Dr. Justin Stoler, “Urban water insecurity in the Global South: implications for health and human biology.” 
The conference papers will be published in January 2020 special issue of American Journal of Human Biology.

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