The network proudly collaborates with other organizations and advances HWISE-RCN goals through institutional and academic partnerships.

LASER PULSE is a USAID-funded program promoting collaboration between university researchers and development practitioners from government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector.  Involving practitioners in research helps ensure that research-driven solutions are both practical and relevant to global development challenges; practitioners also aid in the translation of research outputs so that they are more easily “digestible” for various stakeholders to use.  Ideally, however, translation is embedded into the research from the outset (usually part of an iterative process) in order to increase the likelihood of research relevance and uptake. 

LASER PULSE is also a connection point for researchers and development practitioners who are members of its online network.  This network is a searchable database of registered users – intended to be a resource for researchers and practitioners to find each other to pursue opportunities to collaborate.  Some of these opportunities come from LASER PULSE itself through the funding of research awards to promote such interactions, especially with regard to the translation of research.  All development researchers and practitioners are welcome to join the LASER PULSE Network.

LASER PULSE is a consortium, led by Purdue University, which includes Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, and Makerere University in Uganda.  The acronym refers to Long-Term Assistance and Services for Research – Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine.