Anti-Racist and Water Justice Resources

Racism is a core driver of water insecurity. Systemic racism underlies water injustices in Flint, the Navajo Nation, disadvantaged unincorporated communities, and so many other US communities. Re-affirming our longstanding commitment to environmental justice, the HWISE Community will amplify the work of our members and community partners fighting for water justice and racial equality. While continuing to educate ourselves and improve our own knowledge production practices, we also hope to provide insight, support, and expertise that can contribute to ending the white supremacy, colonialism, and systemic racism that produce water insecurity, both in the US and internationally.  

We will be developing resources in the next few days and weeks. Please feel free to contact us with information you consider important to advance these efforts.  Please feel free to use this Google Form ( to make suggestions. This will allow us to efficiently collect and process these resources moving forward. If you have other suggestions to improve this resource page, please email the HWISE Program Coordinator



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