Collaborative Accelerator Award Highlight: Dr. Linda E. Méndez-Barrientos, Dr. Anaís Roque, Dr. Sameer H. Shah

Dr. Anaís Roque (Department of Anthropology, The Ohio State University), Dr. Sameer H. Shah (School of Environmental & Forest Sciences, University of Washington), Dr. Linda E. Méndez-Barrientos (Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver) (L-R)

Linda Méndez-Barrientos, Anaís Roque, and Sameer Shah are recipients of the HWISE Collaborative Accelerator Award (CAA), a funding opportunity to bring small teams of researchers (2-3 members) together to accelerate new theoretical, methodological, analytical, outreach, and educational collaborations related to household water insecurity”. HWISE funded the “Pathways for household water security and environmental justice in the American West” group through the Collaborator Accelerator Award (CAA), by funding their one-week meeting in Washington D.C. to advance ideas with one another and beginning their long-term collaboration on water and climate justice.

This project intends to critically explore systemic drivers and pathways for household and communal water security under climate change in the western United States. The meeting enabled the group to begin advancing three major manuscripts for publication. Two of these publications will examine the scale and depth of equity and justice-based considerations in water allocation and water security in the Colorado River Basin across peer-reviewed research and policy-making. The third publication will provide an integrative framework for water and climate justice in the basin using critical, de-colonial, and abolitionist research approaches.

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