September HWISE-RCN Scholar of the Month: Jaynie Vonk

Jaynie Vonk is an Impact Evaluation Lead for Oxfam GB. Much of her work has focused on understanding the impact of Oxfam’s programming on Sustainable Water and Sanitation. Measuring aspects of water insecurity, governance and well-being have been integral to this effort. Drawing on Effectiveness Reviews carried out in Zambia and DRC, she worked together with other HWISE-RCN members to demonstrate the relationship between perceived good water governance, water insecurity and self-reported well-being.

More recently, an Effectiveness Review carried out in Sierra Leone demonstrated the impact of Oxfam’s work in reducing water insecurity among urban households in Freetown. Jaynie is currently most interested in exploring connections between water insecurity, climate justice and resilience, with particular attention to the ongoing climate and food crisis in East and Central Africa.

Highlighted Work:

  • Vonk, J. (2022). Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Sierra Leone: Impact evaluation of the ’Improved WASH Services in WAU and WAR Districts’ project. Effectiveness Review Series 2019/20. Oxfam GB.
  • Vonk, J. (2022). Sustainable Water and Sanitation in DRC: Impact evaluation of the ’Sustainable WASH in Fragile Contexts (SWIFT 1)’ project. Effectiveness Review Series 2018/19. Oxfam GB. Vonk, J. (2020). Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Zambia: Impact evaluation of the ’Urban WASH’ project. Effectiveness Review Series 2018/19. Oxfam GB.
  • Miller, J. D., Vonk, J., Staddon, C., Young, S. L. (2020). Is household water insecurity a link between water governance and well-being? A multi-site analysis. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development.
  • Staddon, C., Everard, M., Mytton, J., Octavianti, T., Powell,W., Quinn, N., Uddin, S.M.N., Young, S.L., Miller, J.D., Budds, J.,Geere, J., Meehan, K., Charles, K., Stevenson, E.G.J., Vonk, J., Mizniak, J.. (2020). Water insecurity compounds the global coronavirus crisis. Water International, 45(5), 416-422.
  • Oxfam in Depth Podcast (March 2020). The journey and challenges in measuring sustainable water in Oxfam’s impact evaluations with the HWISE Network with Jola Miziniak, Jaynie Vonk and Sera Young

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