Dr. Amanda Fencl and Dr. Kristin Dobbin’s research featured in the Metropolitan Planning Council article

Dr. Amanda Fencl and Dr. Kristin Dobbin’s work was cited in an article in the Metropolitan Planning Council. The article emphasized the importance of equity when considering regionalization and consolidation. Specifically, the article offers preliminary thoughts on the equity implications of water service regionalization. After providing an overview of regionalization and the apparent omission of racial equity from that conversation, the author outlines four specific equity considerations that should be addressed in future regionalization work – Affordability, Community Representation, Operational Outcomes, and Exposure to Risk. The author concludes that “we cannot assume that regionalization benefits communities with high percentages of low-income residents and people of color in the same way that it benefits more affluent white communities.”

The article can be found here: The missing component in water service regionalization debates: equity

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