Upcoming HWISE-NOW and HWISE-Brazil Webinars

Our fourth HWISE NOW Virtual Coffee hour will be on the 25th of May at 11 AM CST! This Virtual Coffee Hour will feature HWISE scholars on the topic of Drinking Water Quality and HWISE: Debates, Issues, Challenges. To register, please fill out the form here: https://bit.ly/32SxWFB

We had a great time hearing from Dr. Melissa Beresford, Fausto Amador, Lourdes Johanna Avelar Portillo, Anna Van de Grift, and Marianne Odetola in our third virtual coffee hour on homelessness and WASH insecurity. If you were unable to attend past sessions, you can listen to it and other past HWISE webinars, lectures, and conference presentations on our Youtube channel.

Our next “Experiências da Insegurança Hídrica Domiciliar no Brasil” HWISE webinar will be on May 20th at 10 am Brasilia Time. This month’s presentation is on “Cartografia do Acesso à Àgua em Moradias Precárias na Pandemia da Covid-19” and will feature the work of Dr. Luciana Ferrara. To register: bit.ly/3te1sAC

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