Development of the HWISE-RCN Early Career Collaborative (ECC)

At the end of the Spring 2020 semester, HWISE-RCN announced the development of the Early Career Collaborative, ECC, to foster mentorship and meet the needs of the research community’s more junior scholars. Since the initial meeting with Dr. Alexandra Brewis, the group has grown from a dozen members to close to forty members between three subgroups. Under the leadership of Dr. Alexandra Brewis, Dr. Ellis Adjei Adams, Dr. Melissa Beresford, and Dr. Cassandra Workman, the ECC has grown and become more specialized with writing, job search, and teaching subgroups.

If you are interested in being a part of the Early Career Collaborative, please express your interest in one or more of the working groups here or email Lauren Nyquist at

Dr Casandra Workman

The ECC-Writing group, led by Dr. Cassandra Workman, has now met about a half dozen times. They have identified several workshops to host, one of which (MAXQDA) was held last week. Forthcoming workshops include grant writing and best writing practices. Early ECC-Writing meetings saw attendance with about 30 people in attendance and subsequent meetings have had consistently about 10 who have consistently attendent. The MAXQDA workshop, held last week, had 3 leads and 10 attendees. The group has generated two paper ideas, one of which is currently being led by Josh Miller about water for nutrition with several co-authors from the writing group. The second paper topic, originally centered around water safety,has now morphed into a paper looking at the intersection of racism, water safety, and infrastructure. The last ECC-Writing meeting of the semester will be this Friday and focus on looking towards future goals for next semester.

Dr. Melissa Beresford

The goal of the HWISE ECC Teaching subgroup, led by Dr. Melissa Beresford, is to (a) facilitate teaching mentorship and collaboration among early career HWISE scholars and between early career and more senior HWISE scholars; and (b) to curate teaching resources that all HWISE members can use in their teaching and public outreach efforts. The HWISE ECC Teaching Sub-group has the following potential ideas in the works: (1) an HWISE Teaching Experience webpage that will facilitate collaboration and mentorship among HWISE members with similar ideas of teaching interest. The webpage will feature not only the topical areas of teaching experience but the modes in which instructors are familiar, encouraging direct communication between HWISE members for advice, assistance, mentorship, and collaboration. (2) an HWISE syllabus and teaching activity repository where HWISE members can share course syllabi and/or class activities/assignments for others to draw from (3) an HWISE online mini-lecture series that can be used within in-person and online courses and features the work of HWISE-RCN members

If you have a more immediate question about jobs, writing, or teaching, please contact the respective leads below: 
              Job Search, facilitated by Dr. Ellis Adjei Adams
              Writing, facilitated by Dr. Cassie Workman
              Teaching, facilitated by Dr. Melissa Beresford

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