Webinar – Experiências da Insegurança Hídrica Domiciliar no Brasil

Our first webinar “Experiências da Insegurança Hídrica Domiciliar no Brasil” was held on August 27, 2020 for Brazilian researchers. The webinar was attended by 38 professionals and researchers from different institutions, including Federal University of ABC, University of São Paulo, Federal University of Ceará, Federal University of Bahia, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, State University of Amazônas, among others. The webinar generated discussions about the research on water insecurity in Brazilian territory and the methodologies that can be applied to analyze the phenomenon and contribute to global discussions on this theme. As a final proposal the group of researchers suggested the development of a Brazilian research network about water insecurity and placed on demand the proposal to share and disseminate the research through future webinars, worshops, and publications.

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