HWISE-RCN Community Organization Highlight: The Human Utility

Tiffani Ashley Bell, the Founder & Executive Director of The Human Utility, and Helen G. a recipient of their assistance in Detroit.
The Human Utility is a not-for-profit organization that has helped over 3,000 people in Michigan and Maryland avoid the indignity of living without running water in their homes. Since July 2014, the organization has been crowdfunding financial assistance for the elderly and families with low income who struggle to afford their water bills. 

The organization is proudest of its work protecting water service for families, as children in homes without running water are subject to placement in foster care. Members of the HWISE RCN community are welcomed to get involved with The Human Utility’s work by signing up for its newsletter, reaching out to volunteer with various parts of the organization (including research studies), and/or donating.

The Human Utility ultimately aims to use data to advocate for universal water affordability in the United States.

Those interested in the work of The Human Utility can find more information at their website, https://detroitwaterproject.org/, or follow them on Twitter @humanutility
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