Texas Standard: Why It’s Women Who Navigate Access to Water

The Texas Standard produced a series of stories on the role of water in our interconnected world. Through that series, Dr. Wendy Jepson served as an expert on “Why Women Navigate Access To Water.” This episode focuses on the role of women as managers of the household’s water supply, and in particular, the election of Doctor Claudia Sheinbaum, an environmental scientist, as the new mayor of Mexico City.

From Texas Standard:

Texas A&M’s Jepson says that is a well-played political card, because when water access is consciously withheld, it is an act of “power and control and dehumanization.” But, Jepson says when the mayor centers her political agenda on water access “[it] makes perfect sense because it is about equity, citizenship, it is about human development.”

Texas Standard: https://specials.texasstandard.org/dropbydrop/#group-Why-Women-Navigate-Access-To-Water-Z1oG5qUOiM. Accessed 17 October 2019.

This story is one of five produced by the Texas Standard. Other topics include, “It Started With A Treaty,” “Water Pushes Migrants North,” “How Much Does Your Dinner Cost. In Water?” and “Speaking Of Water.” Read more on this piece and whole series.

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