HWISE Scholar Highlight – Dr. Stroma Cole

Dr. Stroma Cole is this month’s HWISE Scholar Highlight.

Dr. Stroma Cole is a senior lecturer in the department of geography and environmental management at the University of the West of England. Stroma combines her academic career with action research and consultancy, she is a director of a charity: Equality in Tourism International.

Her research focuses on international tourism development and specifically on the tourism, water, and gender nexus*. She has been exploring the over-use of water by the tourism industry, to the detriment of local communities, for a decade and has published widely on the topic.

Stroma has explored tourism and water rights in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia where she also oversaw the HWISE study. She will be back in the field later this month to document the impact of her findings. Stroma has submitted a grant to develop HWISE+Tourism for use specifically in tourism destinations, so that the link between tourism development and water insecurity can be better understood and highlighted to policy makers.

*The understand the water, tourism women nexus see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NpcIo_LoXs

Recent publications:

Alarcón, D & Cole, S. (2019) No sustainability for tourism without gender equality, Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

Cole, S. (2018) Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment. CABI.

Cole, S. (2017) Water Worries: Gender Tourism and Water in Indonesia. Annals of Tourism Research Annals of Tourism ResearchVolume 67, Pages 14–24.

Cole, S. and Marta Ica Tulis (2016) For the Worry of Water: Water, Women and Tourism in Labuan Bajo. Initial Policy Paper.

Cole, S. (2016)  A Gendered Political Ecology of Tourism and Water.  In Mary Mostafanezhad, Roger Norum, Eric Shelton, Anna Thompson (eds) Political Ecology of Tourism: Community, Power and the Environment. New York and London: Routledge.

Cole, S and Ferguson, L. (2015) Towards a Gendered Political Economy of Tourism and WaterTourism Geographies

Cole , S. and Browne, M. (2015) Tourism and water inequality in Bali: A Social-Ecological Systems analysisHuman Ecology – An Interdisciplinary Journal.  

Cole , S. (2014) Tourism and water: from stakeholders to rights holders, and what tourism businesses need to doJournal of Sustainable Tourism 22:1 p 89-106.

Cole , S. (2012) A Political Ecology of Water Equity and Tourism. A Case Study from BaliAnnals of Tourism Research 39:2 pp 1221-1241.

Nobel, R., Browne, M., Cole S., Latchford, R., Nang, D. and de Gama, A. (2012) Water Equity in Tourism: A Human Right- A Global Responsibility. Tourism Concern, London United Kingdom.

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