“Water and Economy” special issue of Economic Anthropology

A new special issue, “Water Economy,” edited by Dr. Amber Wutich and Dr. Melissa Beresford is now available through Economic Anthropology. The issue features 10 articles from many HWISE members.

Introduction abstract:

“Anthropological research on water and economy has a long and rich history, especially among archaeologists and political economy scholars. In this review article, we discuss contemporary anthropological scholarship on water and economy to identify still‐active areas of long‐standing theoretical interest as well as novel theoretical approaches. We present five important threads of scholarship on the economic anthropology of water: (1) commodification, exchange, and diverse economies; (2) the political ecology of water; (3) resilience and sustainability; (4) institutions; and (5) water and health. We explain how these theoretical approaches fit into broader trends in anthropological scholarship on water, explore how they advance the economic anthropology of water specifically, and identify ways that economic anthropologists can make new contributions to these literatures.”

Wutich, A. and Beresford, M. (2019), The economic anthropology of water. Economic Anthropology, 6: 168-182.

Hoag, C. (2019), “Water is a gift that destroys”: Making a national natural resource in Lesotho. Economic Anthropology, 6: 183-194. doi:10.1002/sea2.12149

O’Leary, H. (2019), Conspicuous reserves: Ideologies of water consumption and the performance of class. Economic Anthropology, 6: 195-207.

Brewis, A. , Rosinger, A. , Wutich, A. , Adams, E. , Cronk, L. , Pearson, A. , Workman, C. , Young, S. and , (2019), Water sharing, reciprocity, and need: A comparative study of interhousehold water transfers in sub‐Saharan Africa. Economic Anthropology, 6: 208-221.

Walker, M. M. (2019), Negotiating access to water in central Mozambique: Implications for rural livelihoods. Economic Anthropology, 6: 222-233.

Graff, S. R., Branting, S. and Marston, J. M. (2019), Production requires water: Material remains of the hydrosocial cycle in an ancient Anatolian city. Economic Anthropology, 6: 234-249.

Harnish, A. , Cliggett, L. and Scudder, T. (2019), Rivers and roads: A political ecology of displacement, development, and chronic liminality in Zambia’s Gwembe Valley. Economic Anthropology, 6: 250-263.

Schnegg, M. and Kiaka, R. D. (2019), The economic value of water: The contradictions and consequences of a prominent development model in Namibia. Economic Anthropology, 6: 264-276.

Christian Wells, E. , Alex Webb, W. , Prouty, C. M., Zarger, R. K., Trotz, M. A., Whiteford, L. M. and Mihelcic, J. R. (2019), Wastewater technopolitics on the southern coast of Belize. Economic Anthropology, 6: 277-290.

Radonic, L. (2019), Becoming with rainwater: A study of hydrosocial relations and subjectivity in a desert city. Economic Anthropology, 6: 291-303.

Tallman, P. S. (2019), Water insecurity and mental health in the Amazon: Economic and ecological drivers of distress. Economic Anthropology, 6: 304-316.

Congratulations to the editors and all contributors!

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