HWISE Scholar Highlight: Amy Uyen Truong

Amy Uyen Truong is this month’s HWISE Scholar Highlight

Amy Uyen Truong is a program coordinator for the Household Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) Research Coordination Network (RCN). She is also a master’s student in the Water Management and Hydrological Sciences Program at Texas A&M University.

Ms. Truong manages the network, communications, event coordination, and daily operations for the network. She works with Dr. Wendy Jepson to assess and track goals and milestones of the network and report on the wonderful activities of the network and its members through the newslettertwitterblog, and listserv.

She previously has experience facilitating watershed protection plan development and implementation, and project management for statewide education programs. She has worked with stakeholders in the Attoyac Bayou Watershed to resolve complex water quality issues and led a research study on water requirements of 97 ornamental species in central Texas.

Her research focuses on transboundary water justice in the Colorado River Basin. She is especially interested in stakeholder perspectives related to salinity in the basin. Ms. Truong has interests in international water governance and management, environmental justice, water security, and water affordability.

Technical Reports:

Truong, A., White, R.H., Cobb, F., Lopez, R. “The Drought Survivability Study”, TWRI Technical Report-495, 2016.

Finch, C., Mjedle, J., Brumbelow, K., Truong, U. “Water Policy Analysis for Cities of San Antonio and Fair Oaks Ranch”, Technical Report-492, 2015.

For more information visit her website and follow her @amyuyentruong.

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